Vans® is an iconic brand founded in 1966 in California, USA, producing footwear, clothing and accessories, that keeps pace with extreme sports, street and youth culture. The company supports athletes, musicians and artists, creating joint collections, and also arranges large-scale front-burner events and develops its own cultural platforms: Vans Triple Crown of Surfing®, House of Vans and International Music Festival #offthewall
  • St. Petersburg, SC "Raduga", pr. Kosmonavtov, d. 14, liter A
  • St. Petersburg, Leningradskaya oblast, SC "Mega-Parnas", peresechenie KAD i prospekta E`ngelsa phone: 8 (812) 449-78-20
  • St. Petersburg, "SC LETO", Pulkovskoe shosse, dom 25, korp.1 phone: 8 (812) 449-77-25
  • St. Petersburg, SC "Mega-Dyibenko", 12-y km Murmanskogo SHosse phone: 8 (812) 449-77-91
  • Saratov, SC "TAU Galereya", 3-ya Dachnaya ul phone: 8 (8452) 37-27-83
  • Samara, SC "Kosmoport", ulitsa Dyibenko, 30 phone: 8 (846) 374-16-76
  • Novosibirsk, SC "Galereya", ul. Gogolya, d. 13 phone: 8 (383) 347-46-74