In 1968, the best fashion designers created fashion collections for the whole country in the Fashion House. All the "cream" of the Northern capital and the Soviet Union, dressed here! What is a Fashion House today? This is a department store with an area of more than 6 thousand square meters. m. occupying 4 floors of the building. We decided to revitalize the Fashion House and created a new project-the fashion space "KAMEN", where limited lines of more than 50 global streetwear & lifestyle brands and collections of Russian designers will be collected. Our goal is to turn this building into the most popular place in the city! It is planned to update the interior of the showroom, which will resume shows of designer clothing, including capsule collections of niche brands! In the showroom, we plan to hold thematic master classes, lectures, film screenings and other entertainment and educational events. Kamen is a clothing and sneakers store in St. Petersburg, in the center of the Petrogradsky district with a large selection of world brands. We selected the best representatives of streetwear and placed them on 500 m² of open space.
  • St. Petersburg, Dom Mod, pr-kt Kamennoostrovskiy 37 phone: 8 (812) 644-62-50