Wrangler is one of the world leaders of denim industry; it began its history in 1947 with creation of its first model; now Wrangler jeans have 7 brand differences that emphasize their functionality and style. The rich heritage of the brand, its history, originality and traditions are at the heart of its success. Today Wrangler sets the pace and trends in the evolution of the jeanswear, offering the modern cut and design to the admirers of the brand, along with innovative technology of textile and reliability in all conditions. Wrangler jeans have been created specifically for strong-minded and active people who value own individuality.
  • St. Petersburg, TRK "Ohta Moll", Brantovskaya dor., d. 3 phone: +7 (812) 449-50-02
  • Moscow, Vnukovo Outlet Village, pos. Moskovskiy, der. Lapshinka, vl. 8, korp.1
  • Moscow, SC "SHHuka", ul. SHHukinskaya, d. 42 phone: 8 (499) 136-11-32
  • Moscow, SC "Metropolis", Leningradskoe shosse, 16A, str. 4 phone: 8 (499) 270-60-53
  • Moscow, SC "Columbus", Kirovogradskaya ul., d. 13A phone: 8 (499) 650-86-71
  • St. Petersburg, SC "Siti moll", Kolomyazhskiy pr., d. 17, liter A phone: 8 (812) 984-59-95
  • St. Petersburg, SC "Raduga", pr. Kosmonavtov, d.14, liter A phone: 8 (812) 449-88-63
  • Saratov, SC "TAU Galereya", 3-ya Dachnaya ul
  • Novosibirsk, SC "Galereya", ul. Gogolya, d. 13 phone: 8 (383) 204-59-60
  • Krasnodar, Megatsentr "Krasnaya Ploshhad", ul. Dzerzhinskogo, d. 100